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Mercys Bridge Band is a full gospel, non-denominational band that is bringing Southern Gospel Music with a country sound and with a desire of the anointing to minister, uplift and entertain audiences from all walks of life.  We believe gospel music has a way of speaking to the heart and soul of people and encouraging them to face any of life’s challenges that they might be going through.

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Mercys Bridge Band endeavors to bring gospel music to its listeners with a live band. This is becoming uncommon in today’s economy, but we believe there is an audience out there for a live band and it also promotes musicians to use their talent for God.  We also believe God (most of all), and audiences will support our efforts to bring live music to listeners wherever HE leads us. 

If you as a pastor, promoter, or any church, fair, or venue would like to book Mercys Bridge Band please contact us for a date that would work for you.  We travel on a free will offering basis for churches.  Please call to discuss arrangements for fairs, gospel sings, city fun days, etc. 

Thanks for prayerfully considering booking Mercys Bridge Band.

God Bless!
Love Mercys Bridge Band!!! I love their sound, their style, their heartfelt lyrics. Great bunch of peopel that obviously love the Lord. You don't just hear it in the words, but you can FEEL it.

Christy Alspauh Myers
Paul & Marsha Burton sing from the heart. They are committed to sharing God's word thru their music and always do a good job of it.

Linda Burton
Great music this evening at Cowboy Church, with an even greater message in your music. 

Audrey Perisho Rex
     A message from Drummer Eric Ammerman

Due to me taking a position out of state for several months, I will not be playing drums with Mercys Bridge Band. My good friend, Jimmy McCoy who has filled in for me will be taking my position in the band. Jimmy is a fine drummer and will do a great job, please come out and support him. I will be doing some fill-in dates as needed and as my schedule allows. 
Eric Ammerman

From Mercys Bridge Band,
Eric Ammerman came to our band and filled in when we really needed him . Then he took the full time position Drummer a few dates later. He has been a big part and help in our ministry and we know that God has good things in store for him and Lisa. He will fill-in from time to time as our schedules allow. 
Thanks again Eric and Lisa and Tyler 

Some of you have meant Jimmy as he has filled-in on various dates. Jimmy loves to play drums and minister the gospel. We are glad to have him onboard with Mercys Bridge Band